Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tox Troopers as Imperial Summoned Lesser Daemons Commission

One of two of these units complete, and the other not far behind meaning this entire imperial daemon commission in nearly complete!

The big bit of painting these models was the glazing on the red cloaks and edge highlighting on every surface and the lines running across the armour.  After painting the other two units I've found pretty efficient ways to do the rust weapons, ooze tubes and green glow.

Let me know if theres a technique or feature of these you'd like to see an article on, or if you'd like to get your own models commissioned!


  1. They looks amazing dude. Im actually amazed at how well you made these guys given their somewhat basic sculpting. I look forward to getting these! Great work as usual.

  2. Thanks :). Detail is always awesome but sometimes I find lower detail models can actually be nicer to paint since there's a lot of free space for the painter to add their own nuances rather than being dictated by what's on the model.