Costs for painting will depend on the size of the project and the  complexity of the scheme you're after, see my Gallery for examples of my work.
 If you're interested, shoot me an email at for a full quote.

Basic basing and assembly are also included as standard, more complex diorama bases are available and vary in cost depending on what is involved.

Step-by-step painting guides of any commissioned model can be requested free of charge.

The Commission Process:

Once you've sent me an email, i'll work with you to identify the look you're after and then optionally send an outline of my painting plan for the models in your chosen scheme.

After that, you can either send me the models, or the cost of the models can be added to the commission and I will order them.

Once a 10% deposit and model costs have been received, I'll start painting as planned. I like to keep the client in the loop and will regularly update, especially finished units, or once a week for ongoing projects.

After I've painted and based your models and sent you pictures, if you're happy with them, once payment has gone through paypal, I will post the models within three working days.

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