Saturday, 20 September 2014

Quick and Easy Slime Drips

I painted this unit a while ago and was the first time I put my experimenting with slime drips to use on a finished unit.
I found it a surprisingly simple technique for the results.

First, get some cotton wool and pull apart a small pinch of strands:

Pull and roll between your fingers the strands to make a fibre:

Super glue one end of the strand to the model, and if the non glued end is fraying, I just used plastic cutters to remove a few millimetres.

Next i just got a large brush, loaded it heavily with Nurgles Rot, and then dabbed it against the cotton wool strand to finish the look:

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Red Cloak Painting Guide

Here is my tutorial for red robes. Perhaps slightly trickier to follow since they weren't painted in a particularly regular way, but i'l sure try my best to explain.

First was a base coat of Mephiston Red, i applied two thinned coats.
After this I shaded with red and purple washes, and then made my own wash from a black and red mix which i applied into the recesses.

Next i thinned some paints with mater and lahmian medium to be a bit more concentrated than a regular glaze i'd use. I glazed the robes in highlight areas back up to mephiston red, and then up to a mix of wazzadakka and mephiston red.

I mix Lugganath orange with a small amount of  wazzadakke red,  and then do a fast and not too accurate edge highlight on all edges.

I then glaze wazzadakka red, then wild rider red over the exposed highlight areas, whilst on the shadow's edge highlight i glaze the black and mephiston red mix.
I continue these layers until the edge highlight blends into the other colours on the model.
I then re-apply a thin and controlled edge highlight on the sharpest edges of the glazed area.
Bellow is a model where this step has been applied to the bottom half only.

The end result being red robes like this:

Monday, 1 September 2014

Flamers - Demons / Imperial / Tox

These flame troopers from Anvil industries are a part of a commission I'm working on where these models are to be themed summoned demons to fit in with the fluff and aesthetic of an imperial army.
The original models are fox flamer troopers from anvil industries, i whilst I do like hoe the scuply look, they are particularly fiddly to paint.

Tutorials are to follow, I've already lined up one for the slime drips for a future post, as for the red cloaks and other features of the models, are there any elements anyone would be interested in knowing how to recreate?