Saturday, 6 December 2014

Magos Dominus Commission Complete

This forge world 30k Mars Priest I've been painting for the last few weeks, the model will be a used as a greater daemon too fit in with being summoned by imperial 40k psykers.

There was A LOT of detail on this model and the face of the model isn't very visible so creating a focus for the eye to be drawn to on this model wasn't so straight forward. I instead tried to achieve that around the bright green OSL on and hand reaching through the ooze.


  1. Really wonderful job on the model oliver. I can't believe the detail on this guy. It's good to see non FW paintjobs on these wonderful sculpts, as I feel the community tends to do a pretty job of portraying their excellence then the studios do!

  2. *Takes off glasses* My god-emperor...
    Those guys are down right badA man, definite Two Thumbs up.